Timekeepers enter timecard narratives that violate certain conditions set forth by clients.
ALP TimeCheck scans the narratives, flags the violations, and emails timekeepers that corrections need to be made.
Timekeepers view their violations and make the appropriate edits.
Once the edits are made, the now corrected narratives are rechecked and validated.
The validated timecards are exported and processed back into the system (e.g. Elite Enterprise/3E or Aderant) by an administrator.
Success! All violations have been taken care of and billing can proceed quickly and more efficiently.
By leveraging our experience building systems and reports for some of the largest law firms in the country, ALP Development is proud to introduce ALP TimeCheck, a comprehensive system for validating and correcting timecard narrative entries.

Easy to configure, even easier to use. TimeCheck will save you money and time, and will become an integral part of your billing process. Explore more on the following pages and contact us to set up a meeting and demo. We look forward to working with you!